Track Descriptions

Track 1: Digital Media

A broad category of tools, resources, and services under the heading of digital media is changing the face of instruction and offering new potential for the campus community. Whether you’re integrating social media in instruction, leveraging open education resources (OERs), exploring MOOCs, or documenting real-world knowledge in an ePortfolio, you are engaging in one of many new education practices enabled by digital media. Presenters in this track will explore all types of digital media in the education environment. Breakout sessions in this track include:

  • T03 - Who Badges the Badgemen? Badging in Higher Education
  • T08 - Innovation and Collaboration Using Video in the Learning Environment
  • T13 - Transition to the Future: The eTextbook Shift
  • W18 - Transforming Learning Through the Mindful Use of Digital Multi-Media and Technology
  • W20 - Community College eText Initiative
  • W23 - Social Media for Teaching & Learning
  • W25 - Putting the "International" in a Collaborative Marketing Class
  • W32 - Flipping the Classroom
  • W33 - The eCompanion Experience: A Formative Assessment
  • TH36 - Thinking Outside of the Classroom: Using Video Conferencing for Distance Learning and Collaboration
  • TH37 - Visualizations in Education
  • TH41 - Adaptive Learning Gives Students a Technology Sword Against the Developmental Course Monster
Track 2: Mobile Learning

Mobile devices are coming to campus, whether through formalized mobile projects and programs or as informal student communications choices. Along with these devices come high expectations for mobile learning applications and mobile services on campus. Presenters in this track will explore a range of relevant mobile applications and services on campus and consider trends and implications as mobile finds its place in the business of education. Breakout sessions in this track include:

  • T04 - We Needed an App for Us
  • T09 - When Mobile Learners are the Teachers: Creating the University of Michigan Mobile Users Group
  • T14 - iPads in the Classroom: Resources and Scaffolding
  • W19 - Mobile Teaching: Conducting Class while Roaming the Room ...or the World
  • W24 - Creating Active Learning Objects with the iPad
  • W34 - Ripple: An Open Source Personal Response System to Add Enhanced Interactivity through a Mobile Web Application
  • TH38 - Designing Student Experiences with Mobile Technology: Apps for Active Learning
  • TH42 - Using iPads to Promote Learning, Psychomotor Skill Development and Experiential Learning 
Track 3: Technology Infrastructure

Campus IT organizations today must effectively manage large-scale institutional technology programs and enterprise implementations. The institutional technology infrastructure is, in a sense, defining the institution now even more than brick-and-mortar infrastructure used to. This track gives attendees an opportunity to examine the technology infrastructure that’s now helping shape our institutions. Breakout sessions in this track include:

  • T01 - Freeware and Open Source Software for Students
  • T06 - Maximize Your Efficiency: The New Leveraged Services Model for Desktop Computing
  • T11 - Leveraging Distributed Antenna Systems to Boost Mobile Coverage
  • T12 - Accessible Video Captioning in Higher Ed MOOCS
  • W16 - Building for Global Collaboration: Transforming Learning Spaces
  • W21 - Trick out Your LMS with LTI
  • W31 - Drinking from the Fire Hose: Tools for Analyzing and Teaching Big Data
  • TH39 - Harnessing the Power of a Statewide High-Speed Fiber Optic Broadband Network
Track 4: IT Leadership and Institutional Change

With today’s rapidly evolving technologies, institutional pressures for accountability, and an extremely tough economy, higher education IT leaders are facing their most challenging operational environment to date. But many IT organizations are poised to increase their effectiveness and influence on campus as they develop new IT/academic partnerships and find opportunities to lead institutional change. Breakout sessions in this track include:

  • T02 - Moving your IT Master Plan Forward
  • T07 - Can MOOCs Transform Higher Education?
  • W17 - Theory to Practice: Implementation of Technology to Track Learner Outcomes
  • W22 - The Challenges and Opportunities of Developing a Home Grown LMS: Blurring IT and Academic Boundaries
  • TH35 - OAAI: An Open Source Academic Early Alert System
  • TH40 - Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Automated Essay Scoring (AES) Applications in Undergraduate Courses
Track 5: Industry Directions

Emerging technology applications and new product feature sets are topics for which attendees especially appreciate vendor expertise. This track allows for a wide variety of technology areas while providing the product-specific, in-depth demonstrations and on-the-spot Q&A that product managers and industry representatives offer. Sessions in this track include:

  • PST680 - The Elephant in the Room: Can a College Degree be FREE?

Click here for a complete listings of sessions and workshops in all tracks.


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Lev Gonick, VP ITS & CIO - Case Western Reserve University - Ohio

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Gonick is recognized as a leader in innovative networking initiatives that impact education and community. In 2010, he and his colleagues at Case Western Reserve launched the nation’s first gigabit fiber-to-the-home research program called the Case Connection Zone. In 2011, Government Technology awarded Gonick one of their “Top 25 Doers, Dreamers & Drivers in Public-Sector Innovation.” In the same year Crain’s Business Cleveland named him one of its “10 Difference Makers” in Northeast Ohio and Broadband Properties honored him with their Cornerstone Award for “using fiber to build an inclusive society and empower individuals.” Read more...

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