AAEEBL Conference at Campus Technology Forum

April 8 - 9, 2014 • Westin Long Beach, Long Beach, CA


 This is the first AAEEBL (The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning) conference held in California. AAEEBL is co-locating our spring meeting with Campus Technology Forum, as we do with our Annual Conference in Boston.

  • AAEEBL Conference attendees are free to attend either AAEEBL-specific sessions or select from Campus Technology Forum sessions in three tracks. Your registration also includes access to the Exhibit Hall, Poster Sessions, Tech Classrooms, receptions and more.

AAEEBL is a leading advocate for enlightened use of information technology, most notably electronic portfolios. AAEEBL.org is the only global, year-around non-profit association for the eportfolio community.

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AAEEBL Opening Keynote

Paving Learning Pathways

Academic Director and co-Director for Research

Pat Cross long ago observed that if we’re not designing our curricula intentionally, then we relegate learning to happy accident. Clearly a credential should mean more than a random collection of courses, but the completion agenda, boosted by the emergence of badges, MOOCs, credit for adaptive and prior learning, plus stackable and snackable learning is poised to drive the final nail in the presumptions of coherence long implicit in a degree. How might educators respond to the rise and rampage of Dr. Frankenstein’s piecemeal degree in the new age of accountability? Has the monster of incoherence already snatched all useful coherence from our curricula? The AAEEBL ePortfolio research team, AAC&U’s Quality Collaboratives, and many others have been exploring ways to respond to this and other questions. The sum of this work provides a glimpse into the way ePortfolios, or more accurately, folio thinking, might be leveraged to meet the completion agenda and other pressing challenges.


Leveraging the ePortfolio for Integrative Learning through Classroom Practice

Candyce Reynolds
Portland State University

The ePortfolio is an excellent tool to help students integrate their learning.  With new technologies, however, it is almost too easy to make an ePortfolio.  Without proper scaffolding, student ePortfolios run the risk of being glorified file cabinets.  This session will describe a model for classroom practices that promote integrative learning in ePortfolios.

Not Your Dad's ePortfolio: What's a Portfolio Learning Platform?

Dennis Nef, CSU Fresno, with
Susan Gautsch, USC

This session will be an in-depth exploration of how campus-wide, system-wide, and even statewide usage of an ePortfolio platform can optimize assessment, achievement, articulation, and job placement of its students.

ePortfolios and Reflection: Watching & Learning

Ida M. Jones
CSU Fresno

Engaging learners in their own learning is a key part of encouraging deeper learning. The ePortfolio can be used effectively to encourage students to reflect on their learning by considering how course assignments relate learning outcomes of the school and of the course. The ePortfolio allows students to create a visual, written and audio record of their accomplishment and to examine the law's impact on business conduct. During this session, the presenter will show examples of what activities in ePortfolio creation worked to promote student learning--and also which activities did not. In this report, the author also discusses employers' responses to the ePortfolios as a way assess whether students would be effective employees.

Assessment, Achievement, and Archiving: An Introduction to ePortfolios

Ellen Caldwell
Pepperdine University

Universities need an easily accessible location for gathering, displaying, and assessing evidence of learning. ePortfolios solve this need by offering students an opportunity to showcase their academic and co-curricular experiences in one interactive location, enabling students to synthesize their holistic learning experience and visually demonstrate the value of their education.

Introducing ePortfolios to Student Services

James Gioia
Las Positas College

The use of ePortfolios have been used for many years, primarily as part academic programs. Students begin their program of study with an individual set of innate ability, skills and knowledge that matures and expands over time as a result of their engagement. Student Services, as a discipline, is in a unique position to impact student development. Yet that discipline suffers from a lack of definition and clarity that would allow it to take full advantage of their role in student persistence and success. The role of support services in student development and the use of ePortfolios to both structure and assess this development are discussed.

Link to Success: Linking ePortfolios to Assessment and Employability

Jane Wilson
Westmont College

Schools of Education seek to provide evidence to their State Departments of Education with assessment of their teacher candidates as well as support these same teacher candidates as they seek full-time employment. A successful link that provides evidence of both assessment and employability lies in effective use of ePortfolios.

Learning by Doing Using ePortfolios for Assessment

Sponsored by Digication

Shifting our Campus Culture: Creating a Thriving ePortfolio Community

Stacie Edington
University of Michigan 

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