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Distance and Online Education:

The Internet has made the process of obtaining an education without regard to time or location easier for the students but presented more challenges for the colleges providing online and distance education. The transition to online distance learning is creating a paradigm shift in the way colleges are viewing teaching and learning. CT Forum presents sessions that focus on the factors to be considered when planning and developing an online distance learning program including vision and plans, curriculum, staff training and support, student services, student training and support, and copyright and intellectual property issues.

The Advisory Board selected sessions on this track including: E-Learning, Blended Learning, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Mobile Learning, Online Course Development Planning, Online Learning, Funding and Accreditation, Professional Development for Faculty, and Online Teaching Strategies.

This track is best fitted for Higher Education Administrators, Faculty, Staff, and IT Professionals that seek to successfully implement distance and online education.

Information Technology Management, Systems and Leadership:

Campus IT organizations today must effectively manage large-scale institutional technology programs and enterprise implementations. The institutional technology infrastructure is defining higher education with today’s rapidly evolving technologies shaped by institutional pressures for accountability and economy. IT leaders are facing their most challenging operational environment to date. But many IT organizations are poised to increase their effectiveness and influence on campus as they develop new IT/academic partnerships and find opportunities to lead institutional change. This track gives attendees an opportunity to examine the technology leadership and infrastructure that’s now helping shape our higher education institutions.

The Advisory Board selected sessions on this track including: Data Administration and Management, Networked Information, Software Maintenance and Management, Enterprise Information Systems, Open Source, Productivity Applications and Systems Collaboration, Communication, Compliance, Computing Facilities, Distributed Computing (BYOD, Consumerization of IT, Mobile Computing), Financial Management, Institutional Management, IT Effectiveness, Innovation, Change Management & Leadership Development, Organizational Structure, Disaster Recovery Planning, Staffing & IT Workforce Development, Productivity, Professional Development, Student Technology Use, Support Services, and Sustainability/Green IT.

This track has sessions designed for Technology Directors, Academic or Technology Planners whose work impacts the institution at an enterprise level, Business, Marketing, Operations, Finance Management, Provost and CIOs, as well as IT Professionals.

Teaching and Learning:

Teaching and Learning now includes a broad category of web tools, video resources, and online services. Digital media is changing the face of instruction and offering new potential for the campus community. Whether you’re integrating social media in instruction, leveraging open education resources, exploring MOOCs, or documenting real-world knowledge in an ePortfolio, you are engaging in one of many new education practices enabling student achievement and increasing engagement. Presenters in this track will explore all types of teaching and learning strategies and implementations that engage students in the modern education environment.

The Advisory Board selected sessions on this track including: Alternate Credentials / Badges, Assessment and Evaluation, Faculty, Instructional Designs (Flipped Classroom), Instructional Technologies, Digital Video and Video Cameras, E-Portfolios, Learning Environments, Collaborative Learning, Personalized Learning, Teaching and Learning Strategic Planning, Partnerships, Social Media (Blogs, Twitter, Wiki), Student Engagement and Interaction, Games and Gaming, Curriculum Development, Teaching with Technology.

This track attracts Faculty who teach with technology, Instructional Designers and Curriculum Developers, and Academic Technology Program Managers, as well as IT Managers.

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