Focus Areas

IT Leadership and Policy

With today's rapidly evolving technologies, institutional pressures for accountability and a challenging economy, higher education IT leaders are facing their most challenging operational environment to date. But many IT organizations are poised to increase their effectiveness and influence on campus as they develop new IT/academic partnerships and find opportunities to lead institutional change.

Online and Blended Learning

The expansive growth of online learning in higher education requires updated pedagogy and technological tools. As digital materials, online and blended teaching are evolving on campus, whether through formalized mobile projects and programs or as informal student communications choices. Along with these devices come high expectations for mobile learning applications and online services on campus. Presenters in this track will explore a range of relevant online applications and digital services on campus and consider trends and implications as online learning and MOOCs find their place in the business of education.

Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

A broad category of digital tools, eTextbooks, online resources and services under the heading of digital media is changing the face of instruction and offering new potential for the campus community. Whether you're integrating social media in instruction, leveraging open education resources (OERs), exploring MOOCs or documenting real-world knowledge in an ePortfolio, you are engaging in one of many new education practices enabled by digital media. Presenters in this track will explore all types of digital media in the education environment.

IT Management and Networking

Campus IT organizations today must effectively manage large-scale institutional technology programs and enterprise implementations. The institutional technology infrastructure is, in a sense, defining the institution now even more than brick-and-mortar infrastructure used to. This track gives attendees an opportunity to examine the technology infrastructure, networks, data administration, security and internet access that’s now helping shape our institutions.

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