Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday, July 28, 2014

8:30 am – 11:30 am

Big Data, Visualization and Mashups in Education

Mark Frydenberg, Senior Lecturer and Director of CIS Learning and Technology, Bentley University

Tweets, news feeds, status updates, sensors, government data, and commerce transactions contribute to the volume, velocity, and variety of Big Data artifacts available today. This workshop will share activities to introduce Big Data concepts to courses in a variety of disciplines. Using free online resources from Google, the government, Wikipedia, IMDb, and social media, participants will learn to query and analyze real world data, create infographics and visualizations, and mashups that combine data online into new web applications. We will also discuss best practices for introducing these tools in the classroom. To participate fully, please bring a laptop (or use one provided in the workshop room). Please have a Google account, the Google Chrome browser, and Microsoft Excel 2010 or 2013 installed on your machine prior to the workshop.

Build an Online Course in iTunes U and Expand Online Faculty Development

Mark Riley, Technology Coordinator, Ohio University

This session describes the creation of an online faculty development program using iTunes U. Presenters will examine and discuss how to use iTunes U as an open learning management system that provides a just-in-time learning structure to accommodate faculty member's busy schedules. The session will demonstrate how to build an online course with the iTunes U Course Manager, a free web-based tool from Apple that can be used to create and distribute multimedia rich course materials on the iPad or through iTunes. Best practices for designing faculty development, creating online learning for faculty and addressing barriers to participation and attendance.

eText and the Future of Digital Learning Materials: WHAT, WHEN, WHO, HOW MUCH & WHY?

Rand Spiwak, retired University Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO);

This workshop is designed to provide the participants with a detailed explanation of eText (electronic text) and the facts from an institution’s point of view about multi-digital content sources, digital delivery systems, eText components and solutions. Knowledge from two and a half years of research and review, and an additional three years of observing many colleges and universities successfully pilot and implement eText will be shared. This significant cost saving, instructional enhancing technology is pivotal in the future of higher education

Digital Learning with Google Tools: The Core Apps

Allison Mollica, M.Ed, Virtual Instructor, Google Apps Edu Certified Trainer

If you are a Google Apps for Edu organization or you simply have a gMail account, there are many hidden treasures in the Google EcoSystem that can help you communicate and work more efficiently. In this ‘beginner’s style’ session, we’ll speak to key features in gMail, Calendar and Google Drive that can help you be more productive and collaborative in the cloud. Such areas will include utilizing filters and labs in gMail, creating and publishing a course calendar, as well as how you can move to the cloud in a single click and use Google Drive for creating and sharing documents and folders. The goal is to showcase and instruct how to use some key features that might have been waiting for you to discover.

An Introduction to Windows 8.1

Dr. Brent Williams, Director, KSU iTeach Center

Windows 8.1 is Microsoft's newest OS for a variety of devices. This hands-on session will give you an excellent walk-through including features, how to navigate its interface, and how it compares with Windows 7. We’ll also examine ways to make Windows 8.1 simpler and more productive for end users and discuss and examine some troubleshooting techniques. This session is appropriate for anyone new to Windows 8.1 and is perfect for IT staff, faculty, administrators and others moving to Windows 8.1. As time permits, tips and tricks on completing Microsoft certification tests in this area will be discussed. 


1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Strategies and Best Practices for Managing Your Fleet of iPads Using Apple Configurator

Mark Riley, Technology Coordinator, Ohio University

Are you looking for an easier way to manage all those iPads in your school district or college campus? This session will discuss strategies and best practices for managing a large amount of iPads using the Apple Configurator app and a MacBook Pro. Apple Configurator is a free app used to manage multiple iPads and quickly prepare each device with the apps, settings, and files you want for your teachers and students to use in the classroom. This session will discuss setting up configuration profiles and outline how to purchase and install apps for your devices.

Flipping Your Classroom with iPad Screencasting!

Rob Zdrojewski, Adjunct Professor, Technology Education Teacher, Canisius College

Screencasts have the power to personalize the online environment when students actually see and hear their instructors and each other asynchronously. Learn how to use the leading iOS screencasting apps such as Explain Everything, Ask3, EDUcreations and more to create basic screencast videos using your iPad. Capture all lecture content and create effective online teaching materials. Specific Higher Ed examples will be provided from a “Flipped” online adjunct professor who now rarely delivers lectures standing in front of students, and instead circulates among them while they take ownership of their own learning. Engage your students, accelerate learning and flip your class!

A Treasure Trove of Google Tools: There’s Even More Beyond the Core

Allison Mollica, M.Ed, Virtual Instructor, Google Apps Edu Certified Trainer

Beyond the basic use of mail, calendar and drive there’s a lot more you can do with Google Tools. Use Forms to survey student, collect assignments, even create auto correcting quizzes. Take advantage of ‘Add-Ons’ in Google Documents & Spreadsheets to ‘AUTOMATE’ your professional life. Use Chrome as an application suite not just a ‘browser’ and finally, discover how Google + ~ with communities and hangouts can take your PLN and virtual classroom to an entirely new level.

10 Principles of Effective Online Teaching

Ann Hamilton Taylor, Director, Dutton e-Education Institute, College of EMS, Penn State

In the college classroom today, faculty and students arrive with expectations about technology, teaching and online learning. This workshop will help you establish online instructor best practices and implement the principles of effective online teaching. These core behaviors of the successful online instructor define parameters around the investment of time on the part of the instructor. Discover possible barriers and limitations to online learning and specific strategies to assist instructors in achieving the performance expectations.

An Introduction to Server 2012 R2

Dr. Brent Williams, Director, KSU iTeach Center

The transition from Server 2008 to Server 2012 R2 is well underway at many higher education institutions. Server 2012 R2 introduces a new user interface, along with substantial improvements in Hyper-V, Internet Information Services and much more. This hands-on session, intended for those new to Server 2012 R2, will provide a review of Microsoft domain concepts, examination of the new user interface, and an opportunity to work with user, group, and group-policy management. As time permits, we’ll also review a number of Server 2012’s easily installed roles and features as well as tips and tricks on completing Microsoft certification tests. 


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