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Campus Technology Virtual Leadership Summit

The Campus Technology Virtual Leadership Summit is an invitation-only event presented by senior IT executives who oversee the information technology strategy at leading colleges and universities. The CT Leadership Summit was developed with the goal of enabling Higher Education CIOs to share best practices, exchange ideas to affect the future of the higher education IT organization. The topics under discussion will help participants understand the ways higher education IT organizations are responding to increasing pressures for change and what the IT organization’s working environment and future workforce will be like in higher education. Speakers and summit participants will represent several different viewpoints and solutions to the challenges facing their institutions.

The CT Leadership Summit is an interactive online gathering for higher education technology leaders including discussions addressing recent technology challenges of university development. The sessions are designed to provide IT leadership with the opportunity to discuss the meta-trends playing out across the industry including developing a responsive IT organization and workforce, exploring the complex and changing issues for IT in higher education and leading change through turbulent times during the overall convergence of information and instructional technology. Concrete examples and scenarios will bring global issues into focus and help IT leaders learn to apply what they experience in the day’s sessions to real-world problems on their campus.

1105 Media Inc.

Campus Technology conferences are a part of 1105 Media, Inc., which provides integrated business-to-business information and media. 1105's offerings focus on technology, products, policy, regulation and news delivered through an assortment of media, including print and online magazines, journals and newsletters; seminars, conferences, executive summits and trade shows; training and courseware; and web-based services. The markets served by these offerings include Government, Education, Network and Enterprise Computing, Business Intelligence, Office Equipment, Industrial Health and Safety, Compliance, Security, Environmental Protection, Water and Wastewater and Home Medical Equipment.

1105 is based in Chatsworth, CA, with primary offices throughout the United States and more than 350 employees. The company was formed in April 2006 by Nautic Partners LLC, Alta Communications and President & CEO Neal Vitale.

Who Should Attend


  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • IT directors and managers
  • Academic technology leaders
  • Other high-level campus leadership